Thursday, January 25, 2007

immaturity at its finest

meals. i dont know about anyone else, but as a typical american, i go through a large amount of liquid whilst eating a meal. i know that in most countries that are not the united states, people will eat their entire meal, and then have the smallest glass of water possible. this, to me, is definitely not ok. i want the liquid. no, i NEED the liquid. this need that dwells inside of me came to the surface when i was approximately seven years old. i cannot remember all the details of this occurence because i was seven, but the most important aspects of the story are embedded in my mind forever. here it is: i'm sitting at the dinner table by myself (not sure why) and i think i'm eating a grilled cheese sandwich. i was atleast eating something of the sort, seeing as that was a staple product in the hopkins household, along with chicken noodle soup and beef. whatever the case, i also had a cup of juice (also a classic hopkins product) and about halfway through my sandwich, my juice was out. thats right, i still had half a sandwich left and NO juice. whats a girl to do? a panic came over me. seriously, a panic came over me and my caveman instinct completely took over. i mean, the only thing i was concerned about was getting more juice. i didnt care if i died getting it, i had to have more juice. well seeing as there was plenty of commotion happening in the kitchen, as there usually was, i didnt know what to do. the only thing i could think about was my dying thirst for more juice and there was no way i was going to be able to get anyone's attention to help me. i opened my mouth and nothing came out. i had a complete brain-dead moment and this is what came out of my mouth in the loudest, most obnoxious tone ever: THIRSTY!!!!!!!! everyone in the kitchen stopped and looked at me in shock as if to say "did you really just say that?" and "are you human?". my family still makes fun of me to this day.