Saturday, June 28, 2008

the veggie cake

i just returned from the store.
i must say that i spent the entire ride home
planning this blog.

so i was doing my normal thing
you know, roaming the aisles, looking dumb, etc.
i get everything i need and i'm on the last aisle,
which at target, is the frozen pizza and ice cream aisle.
now since i've had this allergy to corn,
i've discovered that i can only have one brand of pizza.
red baron. no delivery, no other frozen pizzas, only red baron.
so of course i grabbed a red baron pizza for later this week
and went on my way.

i reach the end of the aisle and there's a nice old man
passing out samples.
he asks me if i would like to try a "veggie cake".
well i looked at the box
and aside from the fact that they looked completely disgusting,
i noticed that there was not only corn on the inside,
but it appeared that the outside crust of said "veggie cake"
most likely contained a large amount of corn starch.
so i said "oh i'm sorry, i don't think i can have those...
it looks like i might be allergic to something in there"
he said "OH, but you can have that pizza pie??"

first of all, no one has called it a "pizza pie" since 1932.
second of all, IT'S THE ONLY ONE I CAN HAVE!
my response was "yes, it's the only kind i can have"
and then i walked away.

thank you, old man, for being a jerk.
maybe you should think before you try to give me advice on my eating habits.
and maybe you should stop trying to sell nasty "veggie cakes".
i'm now going to enjoy my pizza.
the only kind i can have!!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

jobless and adorable

hello world.
pause button, please?

so, i am leaving my position at gateway.
my last day is july 3rd.
i need a new job.
i have six or seven leads,
but it would be really nice if i knew i had a job.

i wish people could just meet me.
they would hire me in a second!

JC is taking care of me.
i have no doubt of that.

Monday, June 16, 2008

rich girl

i'm so rich.
if you saw my bank account,
you would completely disagree with the above statement.

but it's true!
i'm so rich.

i've been thinking about my life.
loving family
great friends
wonderful community
plugged into the body
i have all i need.

i live a rich life.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


so me and steph were just talking,
and this is what happened:

steph: so my mom was texting me last night...
that's really about all there was to that.

after she informed me that her mom was texting her,
i expected to hear another half of the story.
no... that was about it.


i love my roommate!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

cool iron

so last night i was doing laundry
and i pulled a shirt out of the dryer
that needed to be ironed, still.
i read the tag
and it says "cool iron if necessary"

what is up with that?
i absolutely hate it when tags say that.
it's necessary that i iron this shirt,
but what the heck is a "cool iron" going to do?
if i want to press something,
it's kind of important that the iron is hot.
who decided that a non-hot iron would work?

i just imagine some scenario
where i don't even plug the iron in
and press it on the shirt.
nothing happens
and i say "done and done!"
and my shirt is still wrinkled.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


daniel and julie are engaged!

funny girl

the Lord told me this morning that He thinks i'm hilarious.

that is all i need.