Friday, October 31, 2008

starbucks like a church?

i'm in pittsburgh.
while i'm gone,
watch this:

Sunday, October 26, 2008


so yesterday i threw a party for my brother and his fiance.
an engagement party/co-ed shower type of thing.
it was great and everyone had a wonderful time.

an old friend of the family who is known for being absolutely nuts
pulled me aside and asked when i would be getting married.
ahh, my favorite question...the continual check on my single-ness
that will only end when i actually get married.
so i respond "george, i'm not even close..."
and my mother chips in "she's on the market, george!"
[thanks mom]
well, george responded first by looking at me as if i have cancer.
and then saying"
"well, monica... you gotta hustle!"

apparently, in order to not be single anymore,
i need to hustle. like in football.
thanks george. from now on you'll be my dating coach.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


i can't believe i have gone over a week without a post.
well, i must tell you...there have been many
swimming around in this ole brain of mine.

does anyone have a saturday morning routine?
i have one that sort of evolved into what it is today.
every saturday morning [that i am able to]
i wake up around 9 or 9:30
i get coffee/breakfast
[whatever is available in le kitchen]
and i watch a random movie on tv.
sometimes it's not even a whole movie
sometimes i just catch the second half.
today it was selena,
which is awesome by the by.
after i watch my random movie,
i somehow make my way to the shower
and i get ready for the day.
this is usually around 11 or 12 when this happens.

i dearly love my saturday mornings.
this doesn't happen every saturday,
but in my perfect world it would.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


i've been searching for one particular song
that will represent this season.
i so enjoy when music holds memories with it.
because of that,
i tend to have 3-4 songs per season
that will always remind me of that time in my life.

this fall is so unique.
and i've finally found the perfect song for it.
clair de lune by claude debussy.
it is my mother's favorite.
and it was her mother's favorite.
so beautiful.

i think you will enjoy this video:

Sunday, October 5, 2008


my parents are getting rid of my dog tomorrow.
maggie mae.
we got maggie when i was a sophomore in high school.
she was just six weeks old and the cutest puppy ever.
she's gotten a little crazy over the years.
and by crazy, i mean totally nuts.
she won't let anyone touch her except for my dad.
but that's beside the point.

tomorrow we're giving her away.
i haven't started crying,
but i definitely feel on the verge of tears.
i can't even talk about it.

so here's to maggie.
you've been an incredible dog.
i am sad.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

new perspective

do you ever go a long time without seeing someone,
and when you see them again, they aren't who you remember?
not in a negative sense.
just all of the sudden, they are a different person.
and you think to yourself,
"is this the person i knew before?"


do you ever have a situation where you think you know someone,
but then they do something that completely throws you off?
again, not negatively.
you just think,
"woah, you are not who i thought you were!"

it can actually be a pretty positive thing in some situations.
i recently experienced this and it was interesting.
someone who i thought i knew
became somewhat different in my eyes.
for the better.
i think for just a second,
they let their guard down.
and i got to see a bit of their heart.

a new perspective.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the end of my sacrifice

today is the day that my starbucks break is over.
i just realized [at 7:50 pm].
which means,
i accomplished my goal.

i am no longer addicted to starbucks.
i don't have to have it.
i don't neeeeeed it.
i'm totally fine without it.

i think i will continue on this course.
maybe allow myself 1 starbucks a week.
i think that's reasonable, yes?

i must say... i'm pretty proud of myself!