Wednesday, August 22, 2007

blog for the non-ladies

per aaron's request, here is a blog for the guys:

i was driving home today from work,
and madonna's "vogue" came on the radio.
i think it was nature's way of telling me
i need to step it up in the fashion department.

Monday, August 6, 2007

too close for comfort

this is something i've noticed:

people stand too close in lines.

ok, i need my space.
i always try to give the person
in front of me plenty of space.
but i always get some MOM behind me
usually spanish speaking
with her 67 children
all yelling in spanish
and all getting so close
that they manage to hit my bag
approximately 19 times before
i am finally able to get out of there.

even when it's not the mom with 300 kids,
it's the old man who is just too close.
every time i want to turn around and say
"could you just back up a little bit?"
or "18 inches please."

give me some space PEOPLE!