Saturday, September 27, 2008


oh beloved Fall.
each year you mean something new to me.
and each year you bring memories of
the year before.
you are everchanging because of that.
each year, my memories from the year before
become the measuring stick.
each year, my mind is consumed with what you brought me
the year before.
so much so, that i miss you completely.

i would like you to be different
than who you have been before.
different than what you brought me just one year ago.

the plan for you this year:
vibrant, lovely and full of life.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

instant moves

there is one song that is guaranteed to make me dance.
if it is ever in your heart to see my totally fab dance moves,
then you just need to put on this song.
i'm talking instant dancing within 5 seconds.

don henley - dirty laundry.

i just recently found out he lives in dallas.
my current goal is to meet him.
daniel says he goes into his starbucks often.

in other news:
i've used up my 3 freebie starbucks
and i've had 2 beverages purchased for me.
it's only the 18th of september...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


today was hard.
i did not anticipate it.
moving from grapevine to dallas.
you would think it would be easy.
i mean... grapevine... to dallas.

but i stood there looking at my empty room
and found myself bursting into tears.
i wasn't ready to leave all of those memories behind.
i wasn't ready to close that chapter of my life.

this was the first time in my life
that i wasn't ready to move on to the next season.
the first time that it was difficult to close that door.
but i look forward to this next chapter.

living with jesse in the next room
will never compare to living with stephanie.
however, i'm looking forward to the adventure.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

it's random girl

dad read my blog.
pretended like he didn't when i asked him about it.
oh but he did!
he gave in.

out of my 3 starbucks freebies,
i have used two.
not including the starbucks that dad just bought for me.

currently holding place for my favorite song:
words by [doves]

rainy days are good.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

my dad

so my dad reads my blog.
at first i thought it was weird
and it bothered me a bit.
but now i don't really care.

but my dad is hilarious about it.
he tries to bring my posts up in conversation.
like the other day he said something
about me hanging out at starbucks.
he obviously read my post about quitting the bucks
for a month.
and i said "you obviously read my blog dad"
but it's just so funny how he tries to be so sly about it.
it makes me laugh every time.

so here's my challenge to you dad:
[yes, i'm totally calling you out]
try to bring this one up inconspicuously!

on a side note: barack obama is on twitter.
what's happening?

Friday, September 5, 2008


i've been known to be a grammar nazi from time to time.
[the writing on this blog is generally incorrect grammatically on purpose]
[at least that's my story]
however, i never have thought of myself to be obnoxious
in my need to fix grammatical errors.

today i was reading blogs and found this.
our country needs more people like them.
i would like to join teal.
i'll most likely be carrying a sharpie around
from now on.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


been listening to the creek drank the cradle.

sam bean asked me:
"does he make light of a rainy day?"

good question.

Monday, September 1, 2008


beginning today,
i will be taking a break from starbucks.
for a month.
yes, until october 1st, i will not be buying any starbucks.
[waiting for initial shock to pass]
i've decided that i spend way too much money there.
so for an entire month, i'm going to stop.
we'll see what happens after that.

now i've set some ground rules for myself:
1. i'm giving myself 3 freebies.
[meaning, i'm allowed to slip 3 times.]
2. if someone would like to go to starbucks,
i will go with them and withhold from buying anything.
3. if someone wants to purchase starbucks for me,
i will gladly accept.
4. if i receive a gift certificate from starbucks,
i will abstain from using it until october 1st.

you may be asking
"why, monica, why??"
"why would you give up such a thing?"
i just spent 200 dollars on an iphone
and i was thinking of ways that i could regain that money.
i don't think i spend 200 dollars a month on starbucks,
but i spend a chunk a change there.
so it's an experiment.

i rarely delay gratification.
i hardly ever give up anything.
and i generally get what i want.

so i'm going to stop for a month.