Wednesday, February 25, 2009

an open book

i’ve recently started a new venture in my life, that just a few of my loved ones know about. [just a few]. it’s an adventure, without a doubt, and it’s frightening and emotional, and life-changing, and all of those difficult things that i know will pay off in the end.

the scariest part about it though, is being so open with these people. i fear that someone will spill the beans, or innocently share with someone else, or write something embarrassing on my facebook wall [yes, i fear this]. i have no control over that and it’s a challenge that i face often because i am committed to living my life as an open book.

but that’s the thing about being vulnerable to people. it means you hand over control to them. you are no longer running the show alone–these people become very much a part of it. and it can be difficult because you can only trust people to an extent, but it’s such a good thing because they are then allowed to take part in the adventure with you. that includes the sorrow and the joy.

i’m convinced this is how God intended it.

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