Sunday, February 8, 2009

black, white, and grey

i've always been a very honest person.
blunt, if you will.

i have always seen life as very black and white.
this is right, and this is wrong.
i situation comes up,
i instantly know what category it goes in.
i make a decision, and there is no turning back.

but things changed for me.
in the last year and a half,
there has been very much a grey area in my life.
this isn't wrong, but it isn't necessarily right.
or i knew at one time this was wrong,
but it's not really wrong to me anymore...

i've recently had a situation that was neither black or white.
it knew it was the right thing to do,
but it was so wrong at the same time.

maybe i'm just growing up.


renea mac said...

love you.

daniel said...

i was thinking about writing a blog on the exact same topic. let me aks you something, was it the right thing to do to steal my blog idea right out of my brain???!!!