Wednesday, January 28, 2009


it's been a while.
i've been busy being the butterfly.
and then i got sick.
i'm working on kicking it to the curb.

something i've been thinking on:
there are very few people in life
that you know will be your friend forever.
they understand you.
they love you.
the things they say resonate with your heart
and you just know that they are an extension of you.
it's a rare thing,
and when you find it, it is comforting.
in my life,
my brothers have been that.
they might not always understand me,
but they love me.
and they say things that resonate within my heart.

especially my brother daniel.
who has recently made a smashing entrance into the blog world.
[for a second time!]
daniel and i are very similar.
we love deeply.
we think constantly.
and we both love to write.
and daniel is so talented at it.
he writes his life. and it is wonderful.

so, please, all of my [7] readers... here's daniel.



very prolific. i like ur style. :)

daniel said...

hey thanks for the introduction....kind of reminded me of eddie murphy's "coming to america," when the black gospel preacher introduced the band "sexual chocolate."

renea mac said...

Sorry to have only just now found you here in the bloggersphere, but glad to have found you at last. You seem well, apart from the whole being sick business; I hope you are.